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Reinventing laundry. AquaFresco is reinventing the $50B cleaning market with its breakthrough wastewater recycle system. The company spun-off from the winning team of the MIT MADMEC competition in 2014. Since then, AquaFresco has been pushing the water recycle technology from a lab innovation to a commercialized product. Our novel water recycle system is currently tested at 3 pilot hotels, potentially cutting water and detergent use for laundry in these hotels by 95% with our patent-pending invention. AquaFresco has full ownership of the IP. The team has achieved great success in the community including winning the MassChallenge Gold Award in 2015 and being a recipient of MassCEC found in 2016. Moving forward, AquaFresco aims to complete the product development and pilot testing in the next 6 months.

Meet AquaFresco Team

Alina Rwei
Chris Lai
Sasha Huang

AquaFresco News

[Feb 22, 2016] - MassCEC Catalyst Award Receiver

MassCEC Catalyst Award link

[Oct 28, 2015] - Gold Winner of MassChallenge 2015 Boston!

MassChallenge 2015 Boston link

[Apr 06, 2015] - AquaFresco has just won MIT Water Innovation Prize!

AquaFresco has just won MIT Water Innovation Prize! link1 link2

[Sep 19, 2014] - MADMEC Competition

MADMEC first place winner!! link

[Sep 18, 2014] - MIT $100K Pitch

MIT $100K Pitch link

[Sep 17, 2014] - MIT Clean Energy

MIT Clean Energy Price finalist link

[Sep 16, 2014] - MassChallenge

MassChallenge finalist link

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